FC Tulsa’s second game brought the heat to the Phoenix Rising

On April 5, the start for the United Soccer League (USL) and the at-home season opener for FC Tulsa began with a battle with the Phoenix Rising FC, where the home team was victorious. Over 5,100 people were there for the game.

Prior to its home game with Phoenix, Tulsa FC lost its first away game with Orange County (Calif.) SC. However, the team made up for the loss with a win over its match with Phoenix.

Last season Phoenix Rising FC went 12 – 10 – 12 (Win /Draw/ Loss). Its record placed it sixth overall in the USL in the Eastern Conference. For now, Phoenix Rising is 1 – 0 – 3 in the Western Conference.

The Phoenix game went into stoppage time, and it still ended in a draw. However, it was a match to behold. Both teams went 3 – 3 each, with their goalkeepers saving the game with their blocks and some near close calls on both teams.

Local soccer fans were excited about FC Tulsa’s season home opener welcoming the Phoenix Rising FC on April 5. (Photo by Devin Banks)

After the first minute of the match, striker Stefan Stojanovic managed to score a goal for Tulsa, which surprised everyone that it happened as quickly as it did.

FC Tulsa’s members celebrate striker Stefan Stojanovic (who is in the middle of the team) getting the team’s first goal in a game facing the Phoenix Rising on April 5. (Photo by Devin Banks)

What shocked everyone was when Phoenix got a goal from striker Remi Cabral after 39 minutes. He also managed to get another goal three minutes later with the assistance of midfielder Renzo Zambrano, which was very impressive to see happen, taking the lead to 2 – 1.

The ONEOK Field not only lets you sit on the bleachers, but it invites you to sit on the lawn area. (Photo by Devin Banks)

Tulsa interrupted Phoenix’s run to tie the game. After the 50-minute mark, Tulsa’s midfielder Edwin David Laszo Ramos, with backup from Justin Portillo, made a goal leaving it 2 – 2.

FC Tulsa completes its first score after halftime against the Phoenix Rising on April 5. (Photo by Devin Banks)

But Tulsa was not done there because defender Alexis Souahy, with help from Portillo, scored another goal after 57 minutes into the game, giving the lead to the local team, 3 – 2.

FC Tulsa gets a chance by penalty goal and scores gaining the lead for a brief time. (Photo by Devin Banks)

There were substitutions made for both teams and a red card pulled on Phoenix midfielder Emil Cuello. Seventy–three minutes into the game, Phoenix striker Dariusz Formella got the last score, which landed the team into a tie, 3 – 3. Next, FC Tulsa will face Charleston Battery on April 20. FC Tulsa Season – 2024

Home TeamAway TeamScoreFC Tulsa Win/Draw/Loss Record
Orange County SCFC Tulsa1 – 0Loss (0 – 0 – 1)
FC TulsaPhoenix Rising FC3 – 3Draw (0 – 1 – 1)

Note: The chart will be updated during the season.   For more information about the FC Tulsa season and its schedule, visit here.

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