Review: A local venue holds a fighting game space for beginners and experienced players

Warguts Esports, 3322 Southwest Blvd., hosts events for the Fighting Game Community (FGC) as well as newcomers wanting to join the FGC. It is an event space, where people can choose a fighting game out of a plethora to play. The E-Sports facility is open every Saturday from 1 p.m. – 11 p.m.

(A glossary of terms will be provided at the end of the article.)

The “FGC Casuals” is free of charge, and anyone can participate if they want to, kids included. The list of games that are available to play are “Dragon Ball FighterZ,” “Guilty Gear Strive,” “Tekken 8,” “Street Fighter 6,” and “Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3,” as well as other varieties of fighting games.

Cool art on the outside of the building tells the story of what people can play in the building. (Photo by Devin Banks)

The people there are friendly, playing all different games, and the people that were not playing were watching a “Tekken World Tour” match and commentating on the tournament to others in the room.

Despite the idea that people think all fighting games play the same, it could not be more wrong. The games all play very differently from each other, with different mechanics playing a big part in the games. Like with “Tekken 8” being 3D, I am able to move around and about, but each character has a multitude of moves.

“Dragon Ball FighterZ” and “Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3” are assist-based games, in which you get more characters to use in the games if you use one. The main goal in all of them is to beat the other guy to win the game.

For people going to casually play for the first time at Warguts, it is recommended by other players that you start off with a game like “Dragon Ball FighterZ” or “Street Fighter 6.” It is easy enough to start with, and you can have a grand old time mashing buttons to start the process of learning to play fighting games.

Warguts also do not just have those either; they have some other rooms made to play shooters and Sandbox type games. “There are usually 10 – 20 people there as casuals, sometimes even 30 in the spaces,” the owners of Warguts Esports said.

Warguts holds big time events for the Fighting Game Community (FGC), such as “Fight of the Sticks,” which had 400–500 people in attendance. The gaming group holds a biweekly event called Archrivals to play “Rivals of Aether,” a game similar to Smash Bros.

There are “do’s” and “don’ts” in other communities, and the Fighting Game Community is no different from others. One of the do’s and don’ts in Tourneys is to talk badly to your opponent if you cannot receive criticism from others.

The other is keeping your rage and anger in playing the games in check. Some people in the gaming community tend to rage out a bit, and it is no different from the fighting game community, too. If you are known for having a short temper, keeping a way to control your anger while playing will give you a way of not getting yourself into trouble.

One of the “do’s” that should go for everyone is to give a handshake or fist bump, regardless of winning or losing the game. It shows respect for the other person’s gameplay and leaves off on a good note for everyone. The other “do” is have an exciting time playing and having fun.

Warguts hosted a recent gaming event, “Arsenal,” on April 20. The event includes playing “Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising,” “Street Fighter 6,” and “Tekken 8” for a prize pool for each game. Terms for certain words said are Below.

Terms  DefinitionExamples
Assist BasedMeaning that you can play or use more than one character in a game at a time.Marvel vs Capcom Dragon Ball FighterZ Skullgirls 2XKO (Project L)
3D Fighting GamesGames that allow you to move around the area instead of just back or forward but are still 1 vs 1.  Soul Caliber Virtua Fighter Tekken Dead or Alive
MashingMashing is Pressing Random buttons on the controller in the hopes of being able to do something to win a game   
CasualsCasuals are People wanting to get better at a game but wanting to have fun in the process.   
E-SportsEsports is a space for gamers wanting to play something competitive in a game that could play with others 
2D Fighting games2D fighting games that allow you to fight against another person 1 on 1 with limited movement, or up to 3 vs 3 depending on how many characters you can choose.  Street Fighter Mortal Kombat King of Fighters Under Night in-birth  
Fighting Game Community (FGC)The Fighting Game Community is a tight knit community who has the name, sounds, like, or loves to play fighting games.   

For more information on the weekly events at Warguts, click here. Additional information about Warguts is available, click to join here.

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