Freak Juice and HR bring the soul at The Shrine 

On April 28, the music groups Freak Juice and former singer of the popular punk band Bad Brains, HR, put on a show at The Shrine in Tulsa. The rhythms of Rastafarian and funk music kept the audience entertained and dancing throughout the night. Also, the genre of music performed included a funky rhythm with jazz, soul, and at times showing a rock influence. 

 Tori Ruffin, guitarist and singer of Freak Juice, had this to say about the event, “I loved it man, it was just a treat, a blessing, blowing my mind to open for one of my childhood heroes. I have played a show with HR before at the 9:30 Club in (Washington) D.C. with Fishbone, which is another all-Black metal punk rock ska band. (Ska is Jamaica’s first indigenous urban pop music according to the Encyclopedia Britannica.)  That is where I learn all my tricks from Bad Brains and Fishbone.”

Members of Freak Juice are (l-r) Tori Ruffin and Chris Pimpson. The band performs one of Band Brain’s original songs titled “I Against I” which was originally released in the year 1986. (Photo by Chase Goza) 

The layout of the bar made it possible for patrons to have a seat at a cocktail table and enjoy the performance. Donny, owner of The Shrine, had this to say about the event. “It was phenomenal. I have waited for 30 years to meet this guy (HR). And tonight, I was a fan instead of a promoter. I watched his documentary (“Finding Joseph I”), and all I have wanted to do is book HR for the last 30 years. Back whenever he was touring with the Beastie Boys, Sublime, Deftones, and to have him in my house, I am beyond words. HR is a hero of mine from way back in my childhood. The guy is a legend. HR was getting billions of dollars and handing it out to the homeless, so he (HR) would be homeless himself. He is a true Rastafarian.” 

HR (“Human Rights”) is the pseudonym for Paul D. Hudson, former singer of Bad Brains, a punk band that reached critical acclaim in the 1980’s, he is now singing to the funky beats of reggae music. (Photo by Chase Goza)
The Shrine, 112 E. 18th St., is one of several bars in Tulsa for local musicians to perform. It is a venue that continues to hold concerts that bring together both music legends, and fans across the city. (Photo by Chase Goza) 
Tori Ruffin of the band Freak Juice delivers a soulful guitar solo. (Photo by Chase Goza)

This night at The Shrine brought local music lovers together to celebrate the return of the popular punk ska band Bad Brain’s singer HR. And of course, fans of the Tulsa-born band Freak Juice gathered to dance to their funky rhythms, which have a jazz, soul, and a rock influence. Fans of the legendary HR and local music were treated to a soulful concert at The Shrine, a venue which continues to hold concerts that captivate music fans across the city of Tulsa. 

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