Zen Denz: Decompress Stress Before Finals

At Tulsa Community College’s West Campus, Zen Denz events, which provided students with a place to relax before taking their stressful end of the semester finals, were hosted. Located next to the library is a room that is dedicated to sensory stimulation. Coloring sheets, goodie bags, and free journals were handed out to anyone who attended the relaxing room. The Zen Den is decorated with hanging lights and projected on the wall is a video of an ambient rainforest dedicated to calming the senses. Board games such as Scrabble and Battleship are laid out on the table so students may release stress through various methods whether that be coloring, journaling, building with Legos, or board gaming.

The decorated room gives students the perfect place to relax before finals. (Photo by Chase Goza)
Coloring sheets are available for students to relax or “chill out” and color uninterrupted. (Photo by Chase Goza)
On Movement Monday at Zen Denz, mind and body exercises are offered, including Restorative Stretching, and Chair Yoga livestreams dedicated to teaching TCC’s students how to decompress using physical exercise. (Photo by Chase Goza)
Students receive free goodie bags that contain a variety of items. (Photo by Chase Goza)

Zen Denz provides TCC students with a momentary escape from college life. The sensory pleasing room is the perfect place to come before the stress at the end of the semester hits. The games and activities are enough to help TCC students take their minds off their looming final exams. TCC encourages its students to not sweat the small stuff in this relaxing room. So before taking your finals, be sure to attend the Zen Denz in the West Campus library to relieve stress. For more information, contact (918)-595-7734.

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