Free Lunch Wednesdays at a Campus Near You

At various TCC campuses on Wednesdays, a free lunch will be provided by Baptist Collegiate Ministries. The luncheon program is held every Wednesday from 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Students are encouraged to stop by Student Life at TCC campuses to get a free lunch and have fun conversations with your community.  

Free Lunch Wednesdays have a way of bringing the community together at a TCC campus near you. Baptist Collegiate Ministries sponsors the weekly program. (Photo by Chase Goza)

Melissa Bryan, a provider for the lunches from Cognizant Church, believes the event helps and entertains students. Because of her previous experience as a student at TCC, Bryan knows that students are very busy and sometimes do not take the time to eat when they are at school. Between their normal work schedules and courses, students forget or do not plan to have lunch. 

Have an itch for some free pizza? You are encouraged to stop by Student Life offices at any of the TCC campuses for pizza. In partnership with Student Life, Baptist Collegiate Ministries hosts the weekly luncheon program for students. (Photo by Chase Goza)

“It’s a free meal, and time to fellowship with other people. And really that opportunity isn’t something you always get outside of your classroom. I went to school here, and you do get to the point where you are enjoying getting to know people in your classes. But then getting to know people outside of that, too. It really helps build that social aspect; it is a common interest because who can’t talk about pizza,” said Bryan. 

For more information about Baptist Collegiate Ministries, see its listing under Clubs and Organizations on the college’s homepage or contact Jeff Holt at Holt is one of several advisers. 

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