Metro Campus expands nutrition choices, including meal plans

Construction has been occurring in different parts of Metro Campus since summer 2019. One of the goals of the renovation is to increase meal choices at Tulsa Community College (TCC) location. Below is a list of great meal choices for students:

The “Marketplace” cafe by Imperial Cafeteria on the second floor is finished and stocked with drinks and sandwiches. It is a self-service store.

“Perk” coffee shop is built on the first floor by the bookstore where the vending machines are now,” says Dr. Angela Sivadon, senior vice president and chief academic officer for Academic Affairs and former provost of Metro Campus.

Metro Campus “Perk” coffee shop opened its doors Feb. 12. It sells a variety of coffee, tea, Frappuccino, berry drinks, lemonade along with muffins, salads, and other baked products.

The “Imperial” restaurant offers healthy and diverse choices of food at the Metro Campus. The salad bar goes well with any meal.

    The “Build a Bowl” menu has Mexican and American meals.

    Ronnie Arrington, director of Operations and Dining Services at Imperial, manages the food services at TCC.

A flier about TCC prepaid meal plans was distributed around the college. The plans are available for students and employees.

“Tier 1 Plan” has a 10 percent bonus with a $500 plan.

The “Tier 2 Plan” offers a five percent bonus with a $300 plan.

The “Tier 3” $100 plan does not have a bonus.

According to the flier, the meal plans can be used at any “Imperial”, “Perk”, or Marketplace throughout TCC.

The meal plans are sold at the Bursar offices.

To use the meal plans, students must have a TCC issued ID.

It is stated in the flier that unused meal plans expire after 18 months of inactivity.

For more information, go to plans or contact Ronnie Arrington, TCC director of Dining, at

“Imperial Cafe” was reopened at the Metro Campus after about a year of closing due to COVID-19. Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.
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