Review: 918 Food Festival 2023: ‘918 Brought Their Appetite’

On Sept. 2, Tulsa residents brought their appetites to the 918 Food Festival at 18th and Boston near downtown Tulsa. The second annual program features local businesses joining forces to share their food, drinks, and sweet delights with the community. The festival is ideal for family fun and anyone looking for self-dates or simply to go. Over 40 vendors participated in this year’s event. The food ranged from BBQ to hotdogs and corndogs to funnel cake. Entertainment from local bands and artists was scheduled throughout the day-long event.

Many vendors offered from food and beverages to jewelry and other items of interest. One of the food vendors to participate in the second annual 918 Food Festival was Casa Nostra Wood Fired Pizza and Pasta. (Photo Provided)

This year, the snacks and drinks ranged from those seen at a fair, such as funnel cake and lemonade, to delights that can be enjoyed cooling off during the summer, such as snow cones. Other foods available included BBQ, chicken wings, and more. One food item that stood out was a small, but an up-and-coming snow cone business named Movin Munchies. The company was founded by two Will Rogers College High School students named Joshua Collins and Issac Arce. These two young and talented individuals are on the football team at Will Rogers High School.

Throughout the day, over 300 people attended this event and seemed to enjoy their time there. Everyone, ranging from young to old, also seemed to enjoy the food they had tried. Two little boys had even asked me to rate a funnel cake on a scale from 1 to 10, their answer being 9.5. They had left with satisfied looks and ran behind their parents with smiling faces.

Brite Ice Sno Cones offered a cool refreshment for a hot day at the second annual 918 Food Festival. (Photo Provided)

The date for next year’s event will be determined soon, as it has not been released yet. The event’s planners are looking for vendors, so if you would like to sign up to become a vendor or for any information, check out the 918 Food Festival website ( or its Facebook page.

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