SNAPS: Pride returns to Tulsa

Tulsa Pride was hosted by Oklahomans for Equality (OKEQ), located on the corner of 4th Street and Kenosha. This year, 2021, was the largest pride in the event’s history and first-time participants made up roughly 60 percent of the parade procession according to the Tulsa Police Department. An estimated 40,000 attendees enjoyed the parade. To check out more of OKEQ, visit

Attendees gathered at festival tents located at the end of the parade route adjacent to the stage where performers and hosts for the event entertained the crowds. Photo by Anna Fuhrmeister.
Toby Jenkins, CEO/executive director at Oklahomans for Equality, directed floats and entrees to the lineup where the parade start. Photo by Anna Fuhrmeister.
Some returning participants, such as local radio station KHITS 106.9FM, took part in the procession. Photo by Anna Fuhrmeister.
Hundreds of spectators lined up along the road and settled in to watch the parade. Photo by Anna Fuhrmeister.
Co-hosts for the Tulsa Pride Parade 2021, Anita Richards and Scrappy Legacy, announced each float as they passed by on the parade route. Photo by Anna Fuhrmeister.
Participants dressed as characters Padawan Ahsoka Tano and The Mandalorian from the Star Wars franchise. Photo by Anna Fuhrmeister.
Dogs, suited up in Pride outfits, joined with their handlers to walk in the Pride celebration. Photo by Anna Fuhrmeister.
This was the first year the Tulsa Police Department (TPD) took part in the Pride celebration. Photo by Anna Fuhrmeister.
Pride royalty for Tulsa Pride 2020, Kitty Marie Legacy and Blaze Khrystian, held their title for almost two years because of the pandemic. The pageant is held every January. Photo by Anna Fuhrmeister.
As the parade neared the end, the road became more crowded with spectators. Photo by Anna Fuhrmeister.
During the Pride Parade, Donna Matthews (l) and Alex Wade volunteered to run the ticket booth. Photo by Anna Fuhrmeister.
After the parade finished, some booths remained open while others closed up for the day. Photo by Anna Fuhrmeister.
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