TCC Partners with WriteSea to Utilize AI Tech for Job Preparedness

Tulsa Community College is partnering with a company called WriteSea. The Tulsa-based company is known for helping candidates find work and assisting employers to find talent. WriteSea is going to help implement artificial intelligence (AI) to help enhance job search and career development processes for TCC students and graduates.

Because of this partnership, TCC will have exclusive access to WriteSea’s innovative platform, Job Search Genius AI, a comprehensive suite of AI enabled features. This includes an AI Cover Letter Generator and AI Interview Prep with other future features added onto the platform. The integration of WriteSea’s Job Search Genius was a joint undertaking with TCC’s Career Services and TCC’s Workforce Development.

TCC student Garrett will be able to use the career lab to research job opportunities with the help from WriteSea. (Photo by Devin Banks)

Vice President of Workforce Development, Pete Selden, and Director of Career Services, Mark Hays, spearheaded the initiative to enhance the support and resources available to TCC students and alumni, equipping them with the tools and skills necessary for success in today’s job industry.

TCC wants to set a standard for other institutions having the desire to integrate AI into their systems for the future. (Photo by Devin Banks)

TCC Connection: When will TCC launch the WriteSea program for everyone to use?

Selden: TCC Career Services will begin working with students as soon as they are finished with their system management training, delivered by WriteSea. Students should reach out to TCC Career Services to schedule a time to get introduced to this new tool.

TCC Connection: Does TCC plan on adding other AI services, such as research AI websites or anything similar?

Selden: TCC recently put together a taskforce of faculty, librarians, and other positions across TCC to help inform the use of AI tools, particularly in the classroom.

TCC Connection: What is your opinion on the use of AI?

Selden: AI tools are rapidly coming onto the scene to improve work productivity and increase efficiency in many jobs. AI is not going to eliminate jobs but will set apart individuals within organizations that learn to use them and are willing to adopt (to) these new technologies. Therefore, if individuals want to remain relevant and stand out in the workplace, they will need to quickly become familiar with AI tools.

TCC Connection: Do you like the idea of teachers teaching students how to use AI?

Selden: I love the idea of teachers learning how to use AI and teaching students how to responsively use AI as an added skillset. Students should learn how to use AI to support their learning in the same way our workforce is learning how to use it to support their daily work.

TCC Connection:  How do you feel about the new AI boot camp for the Cyber Skills Center?

Selden: The new AI Boot Camp in the TCC Cyber Skills Center is meant to teach AI skills from the perspective of someone who works with data so that they can use AI to perform robust analytics on real-world problems. Students will gain proficiency in numerous marketable technologies such as Python, Unsupervised and Supervised Machines Learning, Transformers, Natural Language Processing, Time Series Forecasting, and other AI applications.

TCC Connection: Have you seen AI used at other college institutions? What do you like about the uses and not like about others?

Selden: AI has already been used by many institutions. We see Chat Bots used on websites or as part of communicating with the institution. We see Grammarly being used in Microsoft Word. AI is used in marketing departments for communications, and in IT to automate certain processes. Some colleges are using AI tools to help with scheduling classes or sending student communications. There are so many uses that I find it hard to argue against using AI to benefit the operations of an institution.    

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