TCC students are eligible for free bus rides

Tulsa Community College (TCC) students are eligible to receive free bus rides with Tulsa Transit. A student who wants to claim the benefit must contact the Student Life office at any TCC campus and sign up for the service. 

GoPass for free rides can be downloaded to a cell phone or other device. When entering a bus, a student must show his/her preloaded electronic ticket to the bus driver. 

Tulsa Transit offers 24 bus routes with 1,521 bus stops. Tulsa Transit and websites provide detailed information on the bus routes and schedules. For more information about Tulsa Transit, see it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Tulsa Community College has fliers to promote free bus rides for TCC students. The fliers are on display on informational boards across the college campuses, such as this flier that is next to the cafeteria at the TCC Metro Campus. Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.
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