Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals: An Exhilarating Experience

Underway at the Tulsa Expo Center in the heart of Tulsa, OK, was the 2023 Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals. The event includes the racing of “micro cars” on a freshly laid dirt track which began in the year 1987. The stands of the Tulsa Expo were filled with the thrill of attendees who came to see the action-packed racing. With the cars being able to drive at up to around 75 miles per hour and pushing upwards of 450 horsepower. Any onlooker who attended was sure to have an up-close and adrenaline inducing experience.

A micro car, which weighs 900 lbs., turning a corner and making a pass at the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals. Photo by Chase Goza

When questioned on the race, Jai Drake, member of Keith Kunz Motorsports had this to say “We have had fast cars each night, we won on Wednesday night, locked us into the finals, and we are top five. Rico Abreu is the one who locked us into the finals.”  Abreu went onto place fifth in the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals Finals; however the thrilling races lead Logan Seavy to be named this year’s finals winner succeeding 2022’s winner Tanner Thorson, who came in second.

Keith Kunz Motorsports merchandise being sold at the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals. Photo by Chase Goza

This race is one that brought the Tulsa community together. Each driver who raced was given a once in a lifetime experience to display their racing skills, driving on the dirt track in front of bleachers packed with spectators. If you did not attend this year, there is always next year. The event will be held at the same location, the Tulsa Expo Center, and the same days January 8th-15th of 2024. The lively event gave fans an exciting opportunity to see action packed professional high-speed racing, as well as enjoy lots of tasty food and merchandise from local vendors.

Three banners display the winners of the Lucas Oil National Chili Bowl Finals, from 1987 all the way to 2022, at the Tulsa Expo Center. Photo by Chase Goza
The audience of the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals viewing the racing of micro cars at the Tulsa Expo Center. Photo by Chase Goza
The micro cars, racing around the corner of Tulsa Expo Center’s track at high speed. Photo by Chase Goza
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