A miraculous snowfall brushes through Oklahoma in February 

At the beginning of the week on Feb. 12, the day became the only day when the Sooner State got snow this winter. The fabulous covering of two inches of snow melted by the end of the day. Tatyana Nyborg, TCC Connection Metro Campus editor, captured the amazing moments of the winter weather on her camera.  

Four cedar trees covered with snow looked like Russian nesting dolls standing in one row from the largest (right) to the smallest (left.) (Photo by Tatyana Nyborg)

Short grasses and bushes (in the middle) turned into lacy patterns of snow. (Photo by Tatyana Nyborg)

Oak trees with dried brown leaves and grey trunks created contrast to the white snow and blue sky. (Photo by Tatyana Nyborg)

Deer walked around Tatyana Nyborg’s house leaving deep steps in the snow. (Photo by Tatyana Nyborg)

The sun and snow turned the oak and cedar tree forest by Keystone Lake into a winter wonderland. (Video by Tatyana Nyborg)  

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