Reporter’s Notebook: Two days of returning of ice age in Oklahoma 

A massive ice storm went through the Sooner State on Jan. 22 and 23, 2024. In Tulsa, 0.28 inches of freezing rain accumulated, according to the National Weather Service. The roads were turned into a complete sheet of ice, creating hazardous conditions for drivers.

 I observed the storm from a rural area of Oklahoma near Keystone Lake. I could see nature becoming an icy wonderland. I am eager to share my photos and observations. 

The contrast of dead brown oak leaves, green cedar trees, yellow grass, and bushes covered with white ice creates a mesmerizing winter scene. (Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.)

Tall grass was bent from the weight of ice, resembling an ocean wave. (Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.)

A grass field became an icy blanket. (Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.)

A cedar tree branch looked like a piece of glass because of the ice covering. (Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.)

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