Businesses learn to navigate the Reopening of the Economy

While businesses learned to navigate to reopen their stores, Tulsa restaurant owners slowly returned to their normal routine while following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local health authorities’ guidelines.

Mother Road Market is the first food hall in Tulsa, Okla. located on 1124 S. Lewis Ave. Mother Road Market houses over 20 different food and retail concepts in addition to a full-service bar, demonstration kitchen, and space for community use. Photo by Anna Fuhrmeister.
After eight weeks of being closed, the staffs underwent training for the reopening of The Mother Road Market to curbside service. While away from work, the employees received paid-time-off wages based on the hours worked in the weeks prior to shutting down the business temporarily. Photo by Anna Fuhrmeister.
Located on 207 N. Main St. in the Tulsa Arts District, the Antoinette Baking Company serves pastries and other sweets. The bakery is known for its pie nights and monthly cake nights. Photo by Anna Fuhrmeister.
The Antoinette Baking Company closed for three weeks before reopening to curbside service. The employees claimed unemployment benefits during the time the bakery closed. Photo by Anna Fuhrmeister.
fRoot Bowls, located on 6 W. 4th St., in downtown Tulsa, is a local café that offers “Fresh. Healthy. Fast.” option for locals. Photo by Anna Fuhrmeister.
fRoot Bowls never closed during the pandemic. Instead the owner worked mostly alone and had employees to gradually return to work. Photo by Anna Fuhrmeister.
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