Remembering a few days of winter in Oklahoma in January and February 2020

On Jan. 10, the snow storm moved throughout the state of Oklahoma. The snowfall covered the oak tree forest in the Keystone Lake area with two inches of snow. Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.
A day before the Jan.10 snow storm, it was 64 degrees, and grass was growing fast. Then, all greenery was covered by snow. Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.
The sparrows were anxious to dig for seeds under the inch of snow in the bird feeder at a country side. Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.
It was snowing for several hours on Jan. 10, Jan. 22, and Feb 5. Multiple car wrecks were reported in Oklahoma due to the ice and snow. Some schools were closed because of the weather. Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.
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