Reporter’s Notebook: Heh is a delicious Korean salad recipe from Kazakhstan

from Kazakhstan 

Tatyana Nyborg, TCC Connection Metro Campus editor, likes to collect unusual recipes. Heh is one of her findings. It is a vegetable salad with fish or meat, and it is a traditional food of Russian-speaking Koreans from the former Soviet Union. 

Choose fish, such as carp or zander, or meat, such as beef or pork. Cut fish or meat into small pieces similar to potato (French) fries. Add vinegar or sprinkle the fish or meat with powdered lemon acid. Let it stand for two hours and taste. If the fish or meat is not sour enough, add more lemon acid. Let the dish stand in the refrigerator for additional six hours. The fish or meat must be more sour than normal because vegetables will be added, and they will absorb some acidity. 

Cut or shred thin pieces of carrots and onions using grater for vegetables. Cut cucumbers into thin pieces with a knife. Mix vegetables with the fish or meat and add chopped garlic, refined cooking oil to the salad. Also, add water-based (not vinegar) soy sauce and a little bit of salt with red powdered pepper.  

Heh is a tasty and healthy vegetable salad with fish or meat. It is a traditional food of Russian-speaking Koreans from the former Soviet Union. Photo by Tatyana Nyborg. 

Heh must stay in a fridge, and a cook should mix it from time to time within the next 24 hours in order for the vegetables to absorb more acid and salt. The salad is served as a side dish at lunch or dinner time. 

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