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Reporter’s Notebook: Heh is a delicious Korean salad recipe from Kazakhstan

from Kazakhstan  Tatyana Nyborg, TCC Connection Metro Campus editor, likes to collect unusual recipes. Heh is one of her findings. It is a vegetable salad with fish or meat, and it is a traditional food of Russian-speaking Koreans from the former Soviet Union.  Choose fish, such as carp or zander, or meat, such as beef […]

Gray’s Analysis: Tafvmpuce – Wild Onions – A Reason to Come Together  

As I sat down to begin researching for my next article, my wife, Cheyenne Gray, made an exciting discovery. Just 10 feet from our front porch, was a strange clump of grass. For years we would mow it over in the summer, and each year it would just grow back. My wife, being the green […]

Reporter’s Notebook: Olad’ya is a babushka’s recipe and a delicious meal for breakfast you need to know

Olad’ya is small size pancake or fritter and a popular breakfast meal in the former Soviet Union. The recipe of olad’ya was passed from babushkas (grandmas) to vnuchkas (grandaughters) in that part of the world for centuries. Olad’ya is usually about two and a half inches long and two inches wide. Here is a recipe […]

Reporter’s Notebook: How to cook squash – two delicious recipes from Kazakhstan

Squash is a vegetable and is sold at every supermarket. They are usually green and yellow colors looking like fatty comas. Some shoppers mistake the green squash for cucumbers.      I have not seen squash served too often at parties or restaurants in Oklahoma. I think it is because of the lack of good recipes. […]

Restaurant Review: Piehole Pizzeria

A Tulsa institution on the tail end of Cherry Street, for roughly 20-years, Piehole Pizzeria continues to craft some great, comforting New York-style pies. Originally founded by bar and restaurant entrepreneur Zachary Matthews, before being sold to current owner Andy Park in 2014, it was always a place that (as an expat New Yorker myself) […]

Metro Campus expands nutrition choices, including meal plans

Construction has been occurring in different parts of Metro Campus since summer 2019. One of the goals of the renovation is to increase meal choices at Tulsa Community College (TCC) location. Below is a list of great meal choices for students: The “Marketplace” cafe by Imperial Cafeteria on the second floor is finished and stocked […]

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