Review: Gypsy’s Coffee House sponsors a short films night 

Gypsy’s Coffee House sponsored a short film night featuring local filmmakers. Area cinematographers made the films. The movies titles ranged from comedy, horror, and drama to much more.  

 Local film producer Lisandro Boccacci hosted a weekly event during December at the Gypsy Coffee House, 303 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. On every Monday during the month and in partnership with Indie Showcase, he presented different short films, “Night at the Gypsy Coffee House.”  

 In addition to the opportunity to see the films, one of the cool things I found when walking through the door was that I did not expect Gypsy to go all out with the Christmas decorations. The holiday display included a model train that you could hear throughout the bar area. Also, the coffee house had a wide selection of specials during the month from peppermint-flavored hot cocoa, Gingerbread Chai Latte, Midnight Snowstorm Latte, and Christmas cookies.   

The free film festival was for all ages. Including the varied film topics, the featured films presented were award-winning, student-produced, and from up-and-coming filmmakers. There were 13 films I watched. I absolutely enjoyed seeing them.

Below are the ones that piqued my interest. 

“Fishing Fail”

“Fishing Fail” by Jake Mohan was the only animated film in the indie showcase. The film is about an old man who goes fishing with his dog, and the outcome of the expedition is not what the fisherman expected. (Provided by Jake Mohan) 

“Dr. Lipschitz”  

“Dr. Lipschitz,” produced by Wes Dehart, is a film about a man visiting a therapist about his relationship with his wife. The man does not know that his wife is listening to his conversation though the therapist. (Provided by Wes Dehart) 

“Bankrupt on Boardwalk”  

“Bankrupt on Boardwalk,” directed by Lisandro Boccacci, is about a cowboy named Bradley who must negotiate with someone who knows that he is cheating on his wife and is threatening to hurt her if Bradley does not complete a task for him. (Provided by Lisandro Boccacci) 

 For more information on “Night at the Gypsy Coffee House,” check here.   For updates on future events at Gypsy Coffee House, see here.  

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