Storytelling is celebrated at OK SO Storyslam 

Annina Collier, dean of the McKeon Center for Creativity, during a storytelling workshop, noted that creating a story is a collaborative experience. With platforms such as The Moth, interest in storytelling has grown in popularity. Accordingly, the need for workshops is being addressed at TCC recently. 
The theme for this month’s OK SO Tulsa Storyslam held at the Living Arts of Tulsa is “animals.” The organizers are inviting stories to be told ranging from relaxing walks interrupted by foul-smelling skunks to the tale of raising a puppy for the first time. 

Storyteller Joshua Baker (a board member of OK SO Tulsa Storyslam) and Collier co-hosted the workshop, which had a focus on telling stories for the month of January. From the workshop, the organizers encouraged participants to consider one’s timing, theme, delivery, sincerity, and truth as qualities to developing a winning story. 

This workshop not only proves valuable to speakers at the OK SO Storyslam but to writers of all kinds as general storytelling advice is provided to workshop attendees. (Photo by

“Two things that really help with your story (are) your unique perspective. And what makes a successful story is that it shows growth in you,” advises Collier.  “This is what makes your story fun,” says Collier. 

“The story is about you and how you change,” explains Baker on how stories can improve our lives and help us grow as people. These characteristics also make stories at Storyslam more valuable.  “If you want to really tell an impressive story, show a change in your character.” 

Participating in a public event, one is expected to get nervous. Baker has said he has been nervous at every storytelling event that he has joined. He gives the advice that you need a solid beginning and a well-written ending. 

“Just be yourself is the number one thing,” says Baker on how one can perhaps shake off the nerves and be invigorated by how fun it can be telling stories at the OK SO Storyslam. Participants in the workshop were given the option to tell their stories to experienced storytellers. The seasoned storytellers provided critiques and advice to the contestants, which they would use the feedback to improve their future

performances. The next OK SO Storyslam is scheduled for Feb. 16 from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Living Arts in Tulsa. The theme will be “chemistry,” making it the perfect opportunity for Valentine’s stories to be told in front of an eager audience. 

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