Review: Philbrook offers some sunshine with ‘Art in Bloom’ Review

During the first weekend of April, Philbrook Museum sponsored “Art in Bloom.” The three-day event was filled with wonder and exploration. The beauty of nature and flowers were shown, with some displays having deep meanings and backstories.  

Philbrook Museum has an expansive view of a lush, green garden scenery, where guests and animals, such as turtles, geese, and squirrels, can explore and enjoy the tranquility of the historic institution. (Photo by Monica Long)

The exhibits were inspired by the architecture and art of the museum. Local exhibitors who created floral arrangements were highlighted, including Allison Ward, Kane Floral Design, Rebecca Gaines, and The Velvet Willow.  

Buyers of VIP tickets designed small bouquets and received the designation of “Florist for the Day,” as well as visited the Bubbly Bar, which was the VIP member bar (with non-alcoholic drinks available) and where another display named “Collidoscope: de la Torres Brothers Retro-Perspective” was presented.  

Among many displays showcased, one exhibit features colorful flowers growing around and below the furniture provided by a sponsor named the Velvet Willow. (Photo by Monica Long)

Attendees were allowed to vote for their favorite floral artists. The year’s winner selected was Whitney Virden, a Native American florist and business owner. Virden created a piece that represented Native American children and their assimilation into the culture of the majority European/American community through government-funded boarding schools. Outside of creating works of art, she owns a floral business, Roots+Blooms, located at 101 SE Frank Phillips Blvd. in Bartlesville.  

Created by Whitney Virden, the exhibit represents Native American children, who were not permitted to use their languages, names, and religions when they were housed in boarding schools. (Photo by Monica Long)

It is a full-service flower shop operating in a nontraditional way. Her admiration for blossoms and her creative spirit led her to start Root+Blooms. Her passions are serving her community, increasing accessibility to flowers, and showing others love in the process.   

A symphony of colorful and vibrant flowers surrounds the painting that is displayed at the “Art in Bloom” exhibit at Philbrook Museum. The stains of the bloomed beauties contrast with the painting and make the pigments in the flowers display prominently. (Photo by Monica Long)

“Art in Bloom” is planned for next year. The date and time have not been confirmed by Philbrook Museum. For more information and updates on upcoming activities, visit Philbrook’s website or its social media:

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