Review: Slow Cozy Keeps Mayfest Dancing and Moving 

Mayfest in downtown Tulsa was in full swing and so were the seasonal festivities on the celebration’s 52nd anniversary. From end to end of the festival and decorating the Tulsa Arts District were murals and paintings. If you were looking for a chance to get out of the house and support local artists, Mayfest provided the perfect opportunity. 

On May 11, Slow Cozy, one of the headliners for the night, played funky jams that kept the audience dancing throughout the early summer evening. 

The music welcomed a crowd as (l-r) Tyler Burke’s bass playing kept the beat, Tazmen West sung over the soulful rhythms, and funk guitar work by Logan Meldrum washed over the venue. Drummer Gavin Wendland is pictured behind West. (Photo by Chase Goza)

The Tulsa Arts District was the host venue for Mayfest 2024. The annual event is sponsored by the University of Tulsa. (Photo by Sam Levrault)

“We are so happy to be a part of Tulsa music,” says lead singer Tazmen West. “We’ve all been playing for 12 years in the city of Tulsa. Slow Cozy has been playing for three years, but all of us collectively have been playing for a long time.”  

West expanded upon the recording of Slow Cozy’s latest EP (Electronic Playlist) titled “Dopamine Dreaming.”  

“My favorite part about recording the album, was recording the album. It’s so fun to hang out with your friends and make music. We went to a cabin and wrote songs in a cabin; it was great.” 

The Manta Rays band played after Slow Cozy on Saturday night. A crowd gathered to hear the latest music from around the Tulsa music scene. (Photo by Chase Goza)

 Earl Hazard, a local rapper who made a special appearance during Slow Cozy’s set, stated afterwards that, “We’ve got to come together. Music always seems to bring people together; no matter what’s going on in the world, music is like the highest form of art. To see the community in a positive light, that’s a good thing.”  

Hazard is featured on Slow Cozy’s EP “Dopamine Dreaming” in the song “Youth.” Songs such as “Coast to Coast,” the band’s new single, and a music video, directed and animated by Lane Goza of Tulsa, were played this night at Mayfest. Below is a video of the performance that Slow Cozy played and exclusive behind the scenes interviews with a featured artist, band members, and members of the audience. 

Between art crawls and taste-testing local fares, attendees enjoyed live performances across the Tulsa Arts District during Mayfest 2024. (Photo by Sam Levrault)

Mayfest is now over, but if you did not make it this year, there is always next year. The festival will continue annually from May 10-12 in 2025, and admission is free to the public. 

The band Slow Cozy’s core members have been playing with each other in the Tulsa music scene for 10 years. Band members are (l-r) singer Tazmen West, keyboardist Jason Bauer, guitarist Logan Meldrum, drummer Gavin Wendland, and bassist Tyler Burke. (Photo by Slow Cozy Band)

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