Winter fashion is a combination of festive and traditional styles.

Red sweaters and jackets are offered at the Woodland Hills Mall in Tulsa. Layers of warm clothes are a big plus for anyone during cold weather. Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.
Jumpsuits continue to be in fashion the last several years. The red overalls sold at Macy’s is a splash of festive style. Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.
Shoes covered with crystals are a great idea for parties and gatherings during the winter season. Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.
Traditional plaid design clothing has gained popularity and can be seen amongst men and women the last few years. A men’s flannel blue plaid shirt is featured on display at Walmart in Sand Springs, Okla. Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.
Sports jerseys are in high demand among Oklahoma football fans. The shirts with the University of Oklahoma university/football team logos attract customers’ attention at a local supermarket. Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.
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