Eureka Springs shop keeps business hopping

In Eureka Springs, Ark. there is a shop nestled in the downtown district called, “East By West.”

This shop sells “Eureka Springs Working Bunnies” working bunnies t-shirts, cookware, stainless steel jewelry. The items are local to the area. The draw and appeal are not the merchandise, it is the staff.

What makes East By West so unique is it is the home of the famous, “Eureka Springs Working Bunnies.” It is a store where customers pay for their merchandise and a rabbit at the counter hands them back their change and merchandise.

According to the website, Eureka Springs Working Bunnies, the store is broken up into two shops: East By West, open since 1994, and Caroline’s Collectibles, in operation since 1996.

Gumbo, a 10 pound Large Mix Mini-Lop and Flemish Giant and his bunny bride, Sushi, an English Angorra. Gumbo and Sushi can be found at East by West. Jax and Harley Quinn are at Caroline’s Collectibles. Photo credit: Eureka Springs Working Bunnies Facebook

The concept came about when a friend of the owner gave her three rabbits from a livestock auction. The owner would take the rabbits with her to work and play with them while at the store.

She noted that the bunnies started pulling on merchandise from a display on a counter and flipping them outward. The bunnies would do this repeatedly with assorted items and were very friendly with people. The bunnies have been at both locations helping with the merchandise and customers.

The website states that the bunnies are rescues from the Arkansas Pet Rabbit Network of Little Rock. The bunnies help with giving  out receipts, change, and handing the customers their merchandise in bags.

The bunnies spend time together around the store when not working on the counter. Their Facebook site states that at their East By West location, Gumbo and Tofu can be found, while Jax and JiJi work at the Caroline’s Collectibles location.

Jax, a Black Mini-Rex and his bunny bride, Harley Quinn, a Harlequin Lop Mix. Photo credit: Eureka Springs Working Bunnies Facebook

East By West can be found on social media on Facebook, Tiktok, and Instagram. On Facebook, its site is Facebook – Eureka Springs Working Bunnies.

The company can also be found at TikTok @eastbywest and @eurekaspringsworkingbunnies on Instagram.

East By West is located at 9 Center St, Eureka Springs, Ark., 72632. The hours of operation are Sunday to Saturday from 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Caroline’s Collectibles is located at 2045 East Van Buren, Eureka Springs, Ark., 72632. The store’s hours are Sunday to Saturday from 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

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