TCC celebrates graduates

As attendees were limited to one vehicle per graduate, families and friends of graduates found creative ways to support their students. This family celebrates the occasion by driving their graduate in a stretched Humvee limousine to the graduation ceremonies. Photo by Sam Levrault.
Tulsa Community College faculty and staff cheer on graduates as they walk along the blue carpet and receive their degrees. Photo by Sam Levrault.
Eunice Tarver, vice president for Student Success and Equity (left), Dr. Leigh Goodson, president and CEO; and Dr. Angela Sivadon, senior vice president and chief academic officer, are several representatives from the administration to welcome graduates onto the blue carpet where they posed for ceremonial photos. Photo by Sam Levrault.
Harrison Hardman, who served as treasurer for the Student Government Association during the 2020-2021 school year, salutes his family and friends after completing his associate degree in applied science. Photo by Sam Levrault.
Cars containing grads and their supporters get in line in the parking lots at TCC’s West Campus. Photo by Sam Levrault.
Utilizing a 9-zone system, students receive different amenities and keepsakes, including a program and t-shirt, before walking the blue carpet. Zone 8 (featured above) welcomes students as they exit their vehicles and prepare for their final set of photos. Photo by Sam Levrault.
Graduates receive a complimentary t-shirt showcasing their new alumni status at Zone 7. Photo by Sam Levrault.
One graduate’s support system attends in a Stillwater Public Schools’ bus decorated with window paint celebrating the new grad. Photo by Sam Levrault.
Cayla Kilby, a graduate with an associate degree in science, smiles as she is cheered on by family and friends in a school bus. Photo by Sam Levrault.
A graduate’s family also commemorates the occasion using decorations such as streamers and a full car of balloons. Photo by Sam Levrault.
Abbigail Dean, former office manager for the college newspaper, TCC Connection, smiles as she awaits the drop-off zone for graduates. Photo by Sam Levrault.
Gabbie Farringer, secretary and former director of public relations for the Student Government Association, and business manager for the TCC Connection, is shown with degree in hand and she exits on the blue carpet. Photo by Sam Levrault.

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