How to transfer to NSU, the oldest university in Oklahoma

Editor’s note: At the time of the interview for this article, Kaitlin Napier served as transfer university representative at Northeastern State University. She has recently accepted a position as Optometry program representative.

TCC Transfer Guide is a multipart series dedicated to shining a spotlight on different university transfer opportunities available to Tulsa Community College students. The current installment focuses on Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Okla.

Kaitlin Napier works as a transfer university representative for Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Okla. She was very excited to provide information on how to transfer from Tulsa Community College to Northeastern State University (NSU) for a bachelor’s degree. 

How would you describe your university?

Northeastern State University is the oldest higher education institution in the state of Oklahoma. We are composed of three campuses: Tahlequah, Muskogee, and Broken Arrow. We are the fourth largest university in Oklahoma, and we have the fourth most affordable tuition in the state. 

How many students study at NSU?

Our total student population across all three campuses is 8,109. Even with the size of our student population, we have a 19:1 student to faculty ratio. In addition, 83 percent of our classes have less than 30 students. Our small class sizes allow each student an opportunity to build connections with their classmates and professors. 

How many degrees does the university offer?

The number of degrees offered truly depends on the campus. 

NSU-Tahlequah offers 54 undergraduate degree programs. Some of the most popular majors on the Tahlequah campus include cyber security, health and human performance, integrative biology, music, and social studies education. 

NSU-Muskogee offers five undergraduate degree programs including general studies and the online RN to BSN program. 

NSU-Broken Arrow offers 33 undergraduate degree programs. Some of the most popular programs on the Broken Arrow campus include accounting, business administration, early childhood education, criminal justice, cell and molecular biology, and social work. 

Northeastern State University Broken Arrow Campus (pictured above) is just one of three campuses serving 8,109 students. Photo credit: Anna Fuhrmeister.

Of course, we also have graduate programs! 

How a TCC student can transfer to your university?
NSU-Tahlequah offers freshman to graduate level courses. In contrast, NSU-Broken Arrow and NSU-Muskogee only offer junior, senior, and graduate level courses. 

I have found that students with at least 30 earned college credit hours can transfer pretty easily to any of the three campuses. That being said, there is a benefit to completing an associate degree at TCC. If you complete either an associate of science degree or an associate of art degree, any outstanding general education courses will be waived once you make the transition to NSU. The key to a successful transfer is to get connected with an NSU academic advisor before transferring. Our academic advisors can help you to create a transfer plan that will work best for you. 

To transfer to NSU, please complete an application for admission. You can do this by visiting our application webpage:

Please complete the application and pay the $25 application fee. Afterwards, please make sure to have any and all official college transcripts sent to our Admissions Department. Official transcripts can be mailed or sent electronically. If you have questions about the transfer process or how to send your transcripts, please reach out to me!

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