TulsaGo Market offers opportunities for local businesses

TulsaGo Market is an event for local business to display their products for customers to buy. The most recent event was held on March 20th at the Central Park Hall at Expo Square on 4145 E. 21st St., Tulsa, Okla. Small businesses are offering a wide range from crafts, arts, desserts, boutique clothing line, treats for pets, and much more. To learn more about the TulsaGo Market, visit https://www.tulsagomarket.com/.

Masks and hand sanitizer are provided at the entrance of the event. The first 100 guests are given tote bags with the logo on it upon arrival. Photo credited to Anna Fuhrmeister.
Ericka Laroche (l), owner of Paw Appetit, is pictured organizing the stand. Paw Appetit is a local business offering treats for cats and dogs. To learn more about Paw Appetit, visit https://pawappetit.com/. Photo credited to Anna Fuhrmeister.
Tiers of Joy is a family-owned bakery offering custom celebration cakes for weddings or birthdays amongst other sweet delicacies. Photo credited to Anna Fuhrmeister.
Smart Whoopies-Gourmet Whoopies Pies, owned by Regina Striplin (r), focuses on offering gourmet desserts to patrons at the Market. For more information, visit https://saltandsoulmarket.com/seller/smart-whoopies/. Photo credited to Anna Fuhrmeister.
3 Bulls Upcycling, owned by Josh Waddell, is a business that sells art, lighting, furniture, and other products made from upcycled materials. Upcycling materials is to repurpose an unwanted or useless item(s) into something of value. A photo gallery of products available from 3 Bulls Upcycling is available via Facebook. Photo credited to Anna Fuhrmeister.
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